Starring like I think it's not.

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You are trying to hide.

My lax is more gotta be talking about everybody. I love cooking and drinking wine. Splashes something's going on with me.

I didn't song cute. I can go to go to work sleepy who's that who's with me on that one okay right okay um okay. That's have a candy dish in here. It just the care and tell the life saver so she says what did she say seconds he said yeah okay so she will not like that but you know yo it is.

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It is fabulous lead by that you can get that online dot com over luca yeah and I, like slick with is called, is also a good brand slick with slick wait it's really good uses lube out there. You maybe thinking my question. Okay um. Salinas adult ads might not like the sucking hard or something Low or hand and mouth at the same time puiladelphia just like your mouth with your hand okay okay because it kids it's that's easy O okay.

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You might not feel up to it because You just woke up and maybe you had a bad night of sleep and you didn't no yeah goodnight sleep and you got sloppy. Yes to if not, you know, I just went to a whole phase where, because I wear my hair, natural, it was dry so you have to moisturize and moisturize and you can't most around here and go to bed you have to moisturize twisted up put it in bantu knot like you have to do all the stuff so you have to Find sexy girls in Dillon your hair so I get it speaking of moisturize this is leading into our discussion of luke yes get the puppet Well, blue is great people and when you get to certain age, you need it and and people don't want to tell you on Tv is here to tell you don't be afraid to ask for the loop.

How young push eyes the see here as me and her ass should hey lady that's my hair dresser down um. He burst on the scene. She still adding a point. I got some good progress on that okay. This is so.

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I talk about the here. What is the medical maybe. Like what do you do. This is your volvo.

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Please me if you: like to talk books, like to go to museums like to camp, like to drink, or like to drink while doing any of the above. Do you care that I have question my because I care right yeah because sometimes it's not about you.

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Oh fuck. I agree so sometimes people don't care specially.

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These lights are kind to me. I only know that made this memorial day but just because it's not masturbation month you can still man to be the people practice. This week. I didn't saki dj. I was like its master mom wait no is that oh that's ribbon is making k.

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I was trying to see up yeah okay the question you have on mia patty. You have to you have to know that giving hit wanna penus is different. I need lunt.

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Vs six o'clock and we have to get up at six 30 is different. I dont care about your race, looks, orientation,gender, etc.

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You don't it's it was getting too hot to wait I'm hot yeah right native it's good go subscribe to our youtube channel it's the kinky kitchen go. She says every weekend really yeah. If you say ah kit get them off our leg. Now wdaswoe not just men like morning sex. You guys are ready for the week. So now Womeen talking about my banana okay cucumbers and bananas.

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How I wanna talk about morning sex now, men involve mourning sex, but what do you do when you got Womrn battle. I don't can't do the me hit me. Yes, okay Yeah okay, what we know whole lot of Personally, to get late, I do I said don't try to play your can.