Di Actors Guild of Nigeria na di an umbrella union wey dey control and rep di affairs of film actors inside Nigeria film industry alias Nollywood for home and abroad. Nigerian veteran actress and celebrity, Kate Henshaw tok say oga Rollas must give dem di criteria wey di excos take select di new patron wey dey cause katakata for di group. Henshaw make dis demand wen she follow BBC pidgin Womab on top di matter. She say she go "like make di executive give us criteria wey dem tak choose our patron. Dem go also need give us history of person wey dem appoint. If person go put person for position, you must sabi who dey person be," Senate, Police go investigate assault case against Senator Elisha Abbo Di actress Naughty wants nsa Appleton say she be former Public Relations Officer for di bodi, add say di president hold di responsibility to all pipo wey be ral.

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Sometimes we just know what we want But after advice from Gaz as to how to integrate into Runcornhe takes it all too Hetnshaw and is tasered by Janet.

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By series 9, after Gaz wakes up from his year long coma, Janet has taken Corinthian and moved away to Milton Keynes. Gaz is a stereotypical "blokey bloke" who likes football supporting Manchester Cityand also beer, sex, Hollyoaks [1] and Monarch of the Glen. Jonny is a keen fan of Liverpool F.

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Gaz decides not to inform Janet of this, as she sees Corinthian as a reminder of Jonny. In Series 8, the episode "Gazman" finds Gaz applying to family court for parental responsibility for Corinthian, but Corinthian moves away with Janet before the beginning of the ninth series. In the final episode Cassie's ex-boyfriend turns up at The Archer with Cassie having to choose whom to be with and she ends up choosing Billy.

Having a lot in common with Jonny, especially a love of biscuits, she and Jonny are almost constantly having sex. Nigerian veteran actress and celebrity, Kate Henshaw tok say oga Rollas must give dem di criteria wey di excos take select di new patron wey dey cause katakata for di group. She later gives birth to"Corinthian McVitie Keogh".

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Rollas add say committee for senate never tok say Senator Abbo dey guilty so im bodi no go be di one to call am guilty. He has a pseudo-Australian accent since he has been living in Melbourne for the last eight years and is now a student in the area. In a late series 5 episode, Gaz and Donna plan to move Wokan a house in Knowsleybut on a visit to check out the house he spots a sheep in the field and is Use my virgin ass terrified to want to live there anymore.

In series seven she resides with Janet and Corinthian and has wex out that she is carrying a baby girl; this disappoints her as she fears the baby girl may be "prettier" than she is. She does not appear in series 4 Callard had by this time returned to her role in Coronation Streetand by the start of series 5 she has been killed off in a traffic accident.

At one ral, he cheats on Donna by sleeping with Janet. Hot truck Jonquiere In Tulsa for the weekend. Last year, senator Abbo enter news after video show how im slap one woman for one shop wey dey sell sex toy for Abuja, capital of Nigeria. Dis actress dey vex say why man wey don slap woman before go be patron of dia association.

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Arthur - Arthur is the most frequent regular at The Archer, appearing in many scenes but never speaking. When they meet in The Archer for the first time, ral becomes clear that Brian is a con-man.

'age has nothing to do with it': how it feels to transition later in life

Early in the series, she shows interest in Gaz, who finds this worrying, and on one occasion is caught by Jonny in suspicious wex with Janet's father Pete Smith. None of the others are fond of her, and after Gaz tries to seduce her to break them up, Kate resolves to take Jonny away from them and they leave Janet's house together. Gaz tries to repay Billy by getting him a chance to be Hrrnshaw footballer, but Billy just gets drunk instead. However, she kisses ex-boyfriend Andy outside the Archer during Series 2, only to be caught by Gaz and Louise.

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She dislikes vegetarian students and dietiers however, she very much disliked Gaz when he was fat. Louise eventually meets her birth mother and her husband initially, mistakenly believing him to be her real father before tracking down her birth father, Brian, who turns out to be a gay alcoholic conman.

When Jonny turns up, Brian takes a shine to him. Henshaw and some oda actresses like Hilda Dakubo don go social sants to show dia vex ontop di appointment of senator Eliasha Abboh, Nigerian lawmaker wey dey represent Adamawa North Senatorial districts for di senate, as patron of di guild.

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I would really like to get to know a lot about you and learn somethings with you Donna has a younger sister, Katie, and an estranged younger brother, Dion, who is also the father of Louise's baby; there's also apparently another younger, unnamed brother who is only seen in the episode "Spunk". In the episode when Donna moves into Gaz's flat, she notices that he has some strange habits, such as aex using bread from the middle of the loaf when making toast.

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Their mother Flo, to whom Donna was very close, dies after being run over by a truck. Billy manages to prove himself to be a hero and friend to Gaz and Donna when their flat is burned down and he saves them.

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At the beginning of series 7, he has recorded some soundbitesnot all of them appropriate, for Louise, to help her through her vocal problem. She con add put say person wey be paron go be person wey get moral and no be person wey dey slap women. Gaz finds that he's "a bit of a yoghurt" and is not allowed to hang around people too much.

An unpleasant teenager, his only appearance is in ses series 6 episode "Closing Time", in which Gaz agrees to look after him against Donna's wishes.

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In Series 4, in the episode "Homeless and Horny", he throws Jonny out of the house he and Janet live in after their break up; this is his last appearance in the series. This resulted in Jonny being shot in the knee in the grounds of Halton Castlefor which Louise was arrested and charged with "incitement to GBH ".

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He turns it into a John Barrowman theme pubalthough the only evidence of the John Barrowman theme is a single framed photograph. Brian Colin McFarlane - Brian is Louise's biological father, and when she is given a photograph of him she is horrified to discover that he " Near the end of the sixth series, it is revealed that Louise is pregnant and that Donna's younger brother, Dion, is the father.