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Even so fine a work as Robert L. It was confusion compounded.

After leaving Brashear's Station, he went through the Salt River flats to Bullitt's Lick, where he found a full scale saltworks in operation. However, after a certain of boilings, the mother became so charged with impurities that it was necessary to throw Yor out and the whole process started over again.

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These are only two examples. A plea for Bullitt's Lick and the surrounding area to be accorded recognition—to be given its proper niche in history. Practically nothing is known about Fort Nonsense. Lookin

S alt shot from a dollar to three dollars a bushel and it wasn't to be had then except for cash. Miss Sallie B. The Virginia Gazette of the period is full of notices reflecting their distress: reports of planters who experimented with llck down sea water; act after act passed by the Revolutionary legislature to encourage the manufacture of salt; bold type notices whenever a shipment of salt lifk to slip through the British blockade.

I can't help but wonder why.

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It was the hub of the salt trade in pioneer times, supplying all the salt for this state and exporting it by pack train and flatboat as far off as the Cumberland and the Illinois. W hatever the cause, Dowdall's Station was built on the north side of Salt River about a mile below Brashear's Garrison.

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There was an island in the Big Pond. Isaac was a young man at the time and he and his father, Jacob Froman, were members of the expedition that was starting out to build a new station.

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We went to where Cox afterwards built a fort. Probably in the summer of Bardstown Junction lies just east of the site today and state highway 61 crosses Long Lick Creek almost at the lick. Walter Warfield was Henry's agent.

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Clark's expedition to the Iron Banks, was in Fort Jefferson during the siege, and returned to Louisville in the summer of after Fort Jefferson was abandoned. Eventually Crist acquired the whole lick, but by that time, salt making was barely profitable.

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Washington, Ky. The acre tract included the Dry Lick, and this he had managed to hang on to. It was the first saltworks on Long Lick Creek. John Edwards et.

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Who founded the new station and when are still largely matters of conjecture. O n the bank of Salt River not far from the lick, they built a fort—a double row of piles filled with earth and gravel from the river bank and enclosing about half an acre. There were a score of independent operators at Bullitt's and Mann's Licks, not so many at the Long Lick and only one or two at the Dry Lick.

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The Saltworks, itself, was known as a "fair hell on earth. The furnace was fired from in front, the flames and smoke being sucked along under the kettles and out through a stone chimney at the far end of the pit.

The original plat made by Douglas is still on file at the land office in Frankfort, brown and crumbling with age. Clare; Jos. Isaac Hornbeck and his family moved to Clear's Station in Only two are certain: Jacob Froman, Sr. When he lost out at the Long Lick he began to prospect for salt water on his Dry Lick property.

Brooks, 1 Mar.

Henry Crist, Bullitt Circuit Ct. It led from Bullitt's Lick to Long Lick and soon became a favorite crossing for travelers going between the two licks because it was considered less dangerous during times of Indian trouble than the ford up river at the future site of Shepherdsville.

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Floyd, 14 May,and 15 May Irons now lives" was settled by Even Crist's big black well is only a saucer-shaped depression. In the bitter winter months, wolves came right into the lick and pulled down the stock. Deposition of James Welch, 28 Maywho testifies that he made salt at Bullitt's Lick Buffall part of the summer