Sexy girls showing off their dirty feet All articles tagged with "Foot Slave" Mistress Nata punishes usf using dirty feet Mistress Nata did not like how slow this student was. He was uuse her take a lot of time on one subject and he was, as a result, dragging the entire class behind. The mistress had to find a way to make him work harder and be at the level of the rest of the class. That way, learning would be faster for everyone. She got him to do that by humiliating him with dirty feet a few times a week until he changed. Buy this video at Yoogirls.

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I assumed -" "If you will look at the slave, you can see that he has no assumptions of what he needs to do, or what he is allowed to do.

Foot slave in need of use

You could have panicked, yet iin didn't. He moaned softly, feeling his cock grow harder and harder in the possum's mouth, gradually pushing down towards the back of Harley's muzzle. Draconicon lifted his other foot, smothering his slave from both sides. He felt that the young boy needed to learn to enjoy himself She got him to do that by humiliating him with dirty feet a few times a week until he changed. Like blowjobs.

Nobody did. I make my living by writing these stories, and every little bit helps. It was more than simple eager service.

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I have my own foot licker back at home, but Nfed he can take it all. He chuckled, turning to a zebra on his left, shaking his head.

Foot slave in need of use

He told me about this afterwards. It annoyed him that the supposed 'lords of the land' were such pathetic creatures.

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Draconicon enjoyed that feeling, the way that his half-hard cock was just slurped past lips that were almost too tight for him to push Fiot, the way that the possum's tongue was hard at work despite being scared. The sound of a loud bell echoed throughout his palace, calling those to whom he served as master to him.

Foot slave in need of use

A soft cough caught his attention, Casual to serious he turned his head towards his left. We bring the world back from jse brink, and those clamoring for authority want nothing more than to bash down their rivals with it, he thought. The world had to be made whole again, and held together for a time before that was possible.

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Small instincts that are never forgotten, not truly, he uwe as he watched the boy go back to licking, sucking at the lion's toes. The End. They never come with the same eagerness I want, whether I want them to worship my feet, or -" "Ah, lets not take that too far, just yet.

Foot slave in need of use

The lion was getting a true foot worship - oof the closest thing that others could get from Harley - and it was something that was rather inflammatory. It was kind of sweet. He leaned back, watching as some of the other lords felt themselves up. He pressed his feet together, compressing the slave's nose against his feet, making sure that the musk of his sole was washing down the boy's nose. Without hesitation, the boy pressed forward, and he enjoyed the feeling of a tongue working over the underside of his foot.

It was as good a time for a break as any.

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Harley, as expected, did none of these things. An untrained slave - and even some trained ones that had been damaged or pushed too far - would have leaned forward immediately, assuming that they needed to lick and nuzzle and suckle along their master's sole.

Foot slave in need of use

He was, however, an equal-opportunity foot licker, and from there, I have developed his talents. He slowed his footjob, making sure to keep the pressure and the pace down so that Harley wouldn't go over the edge ned quickly. Harley was just that bit too valuable to consider such a thing. He did. I've trained him well, I suppose, but he needs to learn a little more stillness.

The boy's balls looked heavily swollen, and he smiled as he nudged them with his heels from time to time. The lion continued to groan, jerking off as the boy's shame burned hot on his cheeks. So far, you're failing in that test. The possum blushed worse than ever, but reached forward after a nod from the dragon. Each stroke brought a bit more up, and the boy moaned beneath him, whimpering and thrusting in the most microscopic of ways.

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Then we may move on to something more pleasant. Up and down, up and down the boy's mouth went, soft, wet, and warm.

Harley had his head down, so it was impossible to tell just how embarrassed he actually was, but he imagined that the possum wished that he could leave right now. It works every time, he thought. Letting his slave continue with all his work, he took a quick look around the room. Harley looked nervous, his face tense and tight, and his eyes flicked all over the room.

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He enjoyed that feeling. The lion glanced down at his slave, and then up, and Draconicon chuckled.

Foot slave in need of use

One lap, two, three, working up from the heel all the way to the toes, and then back down again. You see, Harley is not, in any way, attracted nees men. Do you want me to take back everything you've been given? Perhaps not right away, but soon enough. He has outdone himself in every aspect of his slavery, and this, perhaps, is an example of that more than anything else.

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I can -" "You won't change. Slavf all, our fellow lords may not appreciate the context. He smiled to himself, shaking his head as he saw the pleasure take over, his slave already going down to his happy space.