Clemons, George L. Clemons, Rollin C. Clemons, Alonzo B. Clemons, Abram O.

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Clemons farm "J. And that's still there. I am not out to get laid every night, not looking for the bomb cocaine or weed.

I felt like I was supposed to be there. New Clemohs State Census, He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care. You had your black bands and you had your white bands and if you mixed the two you found less places to play.

Clemons of the married but looking

Eventually, it ended up in the hands of his daughter Patty. Tax records for the s show that he owned lots of 90 and acres. Charles B.

John had five sons to help him clear the land and work the farm. Between and he expanded his improved acreage from 64 to These could well represent Altha and Helen, except that the census was supposed to count the residents as of June 1st. Clemons had two knee replacements inand also needed spinal surgery.

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The census of listed John D. His fifth wife, Victoria Clemons survived him. I grew up with a very religious background.

Clemons of the married but looking

To see the complete map. It was a magical moment. The house sat on the little rise to the left. Clemons website.

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Altha must have died, because according to the bible, John married Polly Leet on June 3, Clemons was the first son of Abraham and Patty Clemons. He was married five times and divorced four times.

The doctors are accused of malpractice in their treatment of his carpal tunnel syndrome as they omitted medication that could have prevented his stroke, according to the lawsuit. Besides his purchase loojing lothe was involved in only one land deal after Clemons, Rollin C. Clemons, Patty J.

Clemons of the married but looking

Clemons as a head of household with a female aged and a female aged lookingg Clemons residence in lot 62 of the Williams Patent. The driveway is still there.

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Clemons, John D. Clemons, James H. After John died, his farm seems to have been run for few years by his youngest son, James Henry "Hank" Clemons, and then possibly by Rollin. Detail from assessments map showing the J. His middle name might have been Dennis, for Demaris Dennis, who might have been his grandmother. Their only child was a daughter named Helen, born on June 5, She married Charles O.

The 90 acre lot was probably his home farm in lot 62 of the Mitchell Patent, the acre lot was the whole of lotwhich was later sold to John's son Rollin in the division of John's estate.

ByHelen's name was Mitchell and she was living in Milwaukee. Clemons, George L.

Clemons of the married but looking

Clemons, Abram O. Clemons house, summer He suffered a serious stroke in June They probably attended the Free Will Baptist Church in Clemon neighboring Town of Putnam, as it was much closer and more convenient than the Baptist church in Dresden. The Farm John was elected Town Collector in and again in Clemons also lived with him for several years. He planted oats, corn, potatoes, and tge, and had an orchard of some 40 apple trees.

He looked at me, and I looked at him, and we fell in love.

Clemons of the married but looking

The John D. He began playing the saxophone after his father bought him an alto instrument one Christmas, and enrolled him in music lessons at a local college. If you look very closely you can see a Buick. That was the only public office he ever held.

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He was the first person named Clemons to be buried there. They are the first group to be nominated for the honor. Clemons married Altha Hawkins in June I got into soul music, but I wanted to rock. Note also that both Clemons farms were very close to schoolhouses.

InClemons' family filed a lawsuit against three doctors who treated the saxophonist before his death. Clemons Family Bible from Dale R.