In Oklahoma Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation - Around or wuth at night a car with it's headlights will follow you after turning off of highway 48 to Kalihoma Indian Reservation road. Traveling west on this road heading towards highway 1, if you speed up, it will speed up, if you slow down, it will slow down. As you turn onto highway gitlfriends, the car will stop, and then turn back to Kalihoma Indian Reservation.

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Some of walkinv graves date back to the 's. The story goes that it was during a game that she hit the wall and died.

There are ghosts that haunt each Checorah. Tahlequah - Northeastern State University - Seminary Hall - Reports of footsteps and seeing something white come up to doorway. Concho - Indian reservation elementary school - The school burnt down a few years back killing a few children and teachers. Overgrown weeds, vines, and bushes surround the building. Old pair of shoes 60's style?

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Also, Mr. Things have been known to move and scratches and whispers have been heard. But mischievous. This area was visited quite a bit by Quantrill, who was not adverse to murdering Union Sympathizers. Noises heard late at night when no one else is there to make them. A general, very strong feeling of fear, girkfriends and terror is present at the hospital, and becomes Fuck 4 free Prescott Valley strong when photographs are taken.

For this reason, they were easy targets for mobs from the east coast to dispose of "unwanted" or "no longer needed" mobsters. The Indians also say the area is haunted by a woman killed sometime during the Civil War.

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Ponca City - Roosevelt Elementary School - this old school built in the early Checotxh there have been reports of books falling off shelves and in the basement a couple of kids came out screaming saying they say a shadow run by the window also in the 50's Aracaju grannies dating kid had hung himself on the stage in the auditorium janitors say light switches come on on stage after they turn it off Poteau - Carl Albert State College - One night ina girl was raped and murdered in the Baseball Dorms.

He would tell stories of how he could look up while doing yard work and see Mrs. Harrah football team was practicing and one of the players were walking off the field and got struck by lightning and killed him instantly. Don't take the curve, turn around and go up a few feet.

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Lets even say it has its own spook light. It will at times sound like it is being pushed slow, and at others like they are sprinting down the hallway. There are odd gravestones throughout the cemetery. Enid - Briggs Auditorium - Wslking of an apparition of a man seen in the balcony. Several people have seen something in that room from outside the museum at night, and there have been several s of people breaking in at night and seeing something.

Checotah Oklahoma sunday walking with girlfriends

The boy wasn't the only one killed, a janitor has also died there, and a couple years ago a girl was kicked out for being accused of witchcraft, they say for a scare she came back and planned to draw a dramatic portrait of the devil on the wall, but instead she hung herself sunady the principles office for revenge. Rumors Checotqh it that you can pull in there and hear people talking and see them walking around the cemetery.

During the time of hearing Chefotah voices there has been a cold chill in the air in that particular area of the building. Then silence. Even the few scattered houses out there have scorch marks on the roofs. Catoosa - Cherokee Elementary - When you go into the Cherokee elementary old gym by the cafeteria theirs a huge bathroom. No one was there.

Checotah oklahoma sunday walking with girlfriends

Go straight for like 3 miles or so. Apparently the house mother's who was there preparing for the school year nephew had a bad encounter there while staying there at night, in which he claimed to eunday something.

Checotah Oklahoma sunday walking with girlfriends

Shaking bleachers. A team of investigators began taking pictures over the girlfriejds when suddenly, while they were reloading the film, a flash came out from under the bridge as if something was mimicking their camera flash. On the side there lies a baby carriage. Bojangles" could be seen in the back stockroom.

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Voices can be heard through the night on a regular basis and occasionally the man will dash through the hallway, bumping into things that aren't there. Alderson - crybaby bridge- Formerly listed in Checotah - the sight of a single lane ironwork bridge now replaced by a new modern concrete and steel ,many locals have told the story of hearing a baby's cry from beneath the bridge late at night and even some sightings of what appears to be a faintly glowing image of a woman hovering just above the rocky floor of the creek.

Some say you can still see ms berg today roaming the anatomy room She has been seen by several people since remodeling was done on this historical school. This homes Single female West Valley City ohio have been attacked several times. Janitors reported seeing a boy walking around the basement at night.

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Thought to be that of young woman murdered and burned about 50yrs. Sometimes at night you can see things in the form of a floating mist moving about. Rumor is that several night custodians have transferred or quit rather than work the night shift at this school. You walk through the front door and right away you get Grannies ads looking for sex Moreno valley weird feeling throughout your body, you look at the wall in front of you and you see burn marks in the wall that spell out "WERE WATCHING YOU", you walk through the main hall and you can here a noise like a chalkboard being written on, thats about the time our two flashlights went out almost simoltaniosly, as you aproach the main staircase you here two women talking of a sick child, one sounds like a worried mother and the other a nurse, you can also here creaking noises from the stairs.

The door was then unable to opened for a few minutes. One day the cook was trapped in the restroom.

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Apples cemetery - it is said that if you go to the cemetery and find the hetone marked Mr. Back in the 's a girl named Patty was working in the area that is now the Women's boots and Children's department when her boyfriend shot her and killed her. As they were leaveing theytold the girl at the counter what the women were doing but the Indian cop was watching them.

Checotah Oklahoma sunday walking with girlfriends

These little people are helpers, about two or three feet tall and would usually be seen by young Indian children if they were called wiht help these little fellows.