Gabriel September, The Belize Rural Women's Association Looling was Ermoupoli nsa in early to provide rural women with both an independent advocacy organization in Belmopan, the capital, and to provide health education for rural women. The assumption was that poor health was a primary impediment to solving the other social problems faced by rural women.

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Participation in the RLF was expected to foster cooperation among rural women from Belize's diverse cultural groups.

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The Articles of Association clearly outline the powers and duties of the Board. This is why RLF agreements had to include stipulations regarding the uses to which loans could be put, protecting members' democratic control over borrowed funds, protecting the cooperative nature of work within BRWA projects and thus prohibiting the development of exploitative relationships within member groups or between member groups and non-member groups or individualsand protecting members' control over all income generated as a result of projects funded with the borrowed funds.

If this is not a short-term aberration, but represents a present or potential staff Fuck asian in Woodstock New Brunswick problem, then BRWA may face rather high future training costs, at a minimum.

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All of its goals, explicit or implicit, have to do with improving conditions for women and giving women more of a chance at economic and political growth. In addition, all financial institutions, following practices which can be dated to the not so distant colonial past, continue to discriminate against loiking applicants, implicitly requiring a male atory for loan approval. Since my departure in August ofthree main office staff members have reed to pursue other projects.

BRWA quickly expanded its focus, however, to include leadership training and support for the creation of cooperative business ventures among the 24 local member groups of BRWA.

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BRWA's coordinating role can provide the basis for greater inter-group trading and cooperation. Instead, the RLF makes loans based upon intangible collateral, the "goodwill" of the women who are members of the group requesting the funds.

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Generally speaking, Belize can point to real progress in achieving de jure equality; however, the road to de facto equality is still long oooking winding. Thus, it was expressly stipulated that borrowed funds could not be used to pay member salaries. The secretariat is managed by an Executive Director who is supervised by the Board of Directors. The RLF was thus originated and has been utilized in financing an array of cooperative business ventures planned and implemented by the member groups of BRWA.

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Since that time, WIN-Belize has gone through several stages in its institutional life. This latter group was predominantly women. Indeed, banks and other traditional moneylenders often include clauses in loan contracts with comprehensive restrictions on borrower's usage of funds, the internal looiing of the work process, and acceptable distributions of profits earned from projects financed with borrowed funds.

Not looing costs involved in monitoring the progress of projects, conducting workshops or other training exercises, problem solving which sometimes includes intervening in personal disputes between membersor any of the other tasks taht the staff routinely may be called upon to perform can be readily measured in dollars.

Such an approach might be recommended to other marginalized social and ethnic groups within the U. However, the more removed the member group is from main office influence the greater the potential for males in the villages to exert their authority over member group projects and project cash flow, either by directly controlling the surplus cash flow or demanding distributive payments from that cash flow.

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Telephone communication is typically unavailable and mail communication, even when available, is too slow and unreliable to transmit timely and important information. Taken as an outright discrimination against women, in the late nineties WIN took up the challenge to get one minimum wage. Since the groups are dispersed, both geographically and culturally, then it was highly probable that, even without the coordinating role of Florida swinging sex Swinging main office, the various member groups would have developed specialized and widely divergent projects.

BRWA provides its members with technical assistance in constructing these project plans.

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The Gender Budget Campaign was developed Bwlize as a follow-up to the women in the economy issue. Gabriel September, The Belize Rural Women's Association BRWA was formed in early to provide rural women with both an independent advocacy organization in Belmopan, the capital, and to provide health education for rural women.

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Welch Evaluation Reportresulting in findings that remain relevant, had highlighted several key areas with a view to enhancing its strategic direction for the future that required consideration by the organization's board and member agencies. In this context, two major issues were flagged for discussion and decision-making: Should WIN-Belize become a gender issues network which focuses on programs for men and women? It was this author's impression, based primarily upon interviews with BRWA members in the villages, that BRWA's efforts to change attitudes and build solidarity was bearing fruit.

It is quite possible that the heavy workload borne by the main office contributed to this turnover. This campaign succeeded in Housewives wants sex Brooklyn Kentucky the establishment of a national minimum wage.

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This diversity is proving to be an advantage because it reduces inter-group competition and provides the potential for development of a network of internal trade among member groups. These projects have included such activities as cassava production and processing, livestock raising, fruit preservation and craft production. The early are mixed in this regard. If the member groups are to develop this self-sufficiency then they must be given the autonomy to do so.

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The above picture is the backdrop eBlize which the government of Belize developed a national lookimg policy in Their solution was the establishment of a revolving loan fund. Investment in craft production is the most advanced and provides the basis for much of the analysis here of the early implementation of the RLF. However, even such moral suasion cannot guarantee payment of all loans, particularly since it must be assumed that some of the income-generating projects will fail.

Consequently, among the indirect costs of administering the loan fund are the physical and emotional costs borne by BRWA staff members when they travel long distances, typically by bus, over difficult and sometimes impassable ro to meet with member groups. In the United States, a similar approach is being attempted by members of the American Indian nations through the First Nations Financial Project which I've also worked with as a consultant.

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Thus, BRWA does not promote an ideology of "liberating" women from men, but of "mutual liberation" of men and women from the consequences, material and non-material, of colonial oppression, racism, and exploitation. Such documentation could also prove critical for training new staff.

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The areas identified were health, education, violence, economic empowerment, and power and decision-making. Of these 29 parliamentarians, only 1 is a woman, a decrease from the administration which had 2 women. BRWA is currently femsles a partner to market these craft products in the more developed nations, particularly the United States and Great Britain. The need to clarify these two issues prompted the Network to urgently engage in a new Strategic Planning process so that collective and participatory dialogue among member agencies could vem the decision-making process.